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piątek, luty 27, 2015

Where: Sala dei Cavalieri, Palazzo Ridolfi, stradone Maffei, 3 Verona

Although music is the only art totally accessible to visually impaired people, music literacy in Europe and not only in Europe is suffering a dramatic decline.
Braille was invented originally in order to allow blind musicians to be able to "read" their scores, and not only to play by ear (1829). Until the end of the '70s music studies offered valuable job opportunities to thousands of blind musicians all over Europe, and Braille music libraries / centres / services were present in almost every country, even smaller countries.
The new trend in learning methodology, as well as the schooling model based on integration of students with disabilities into mainstream schools, have had a negative impact on music literacy, as well as on other curricular subjects such as science, and on manual skills. 

poniedziałek, luty 9, 2015

To: Teachers, trainers, Rehabilitation center, Association of volunteers for the blind, Professionals, General public

The video illustrates one of our final product, BME2. It contains not only a full explanation of the above mentioned software, but also some important tips and rules in the domain of special didactic for the blind, and tries to encourage blind of all ages to start or to continue studying musicù The video is now available in English and in Itlaian and has been realized by a blind musician, in order to reinforce the message that a blind can really read and write his own music without external helpè.

poniedziałek, luty 2, 2015

To: Local Authorities, All members of the associations and parents, Psychologist, trainers, Visually impaired students, Teachers and school assistants
Where: Visual Rehabilitation Center, Florence University
Event repeated in dates: 2/2/2015 - 2/3/2015 - 2/4/2015 - 2/5/2015 - 2/6/2015

Many of our interlocuutors had a rough idea about our project; so we could present the main achieved results, considering the different backgrounds / interests of our interlocutors.

poniedziałek, Grudzień 29, 2014

Many visually impaired musicians learn by ear, but what about those who want to study the original score?
Learning music through Braille is a painstaking but rewarding process, finds Femke Colborne

środa, Listopad 12, 2014

To: Teachers, blind students (20 People)
Where: Laski

Three lessons with different age groups in Laski music school, practising BME, individual consultations with teachers and students.


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