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BML (Braille Music Learning)

BML is a specific piece of software addressing blind beginners who want to get acquainted with the Braille music notation. It comprises a small editor and some exercises. 
BML is based on “learning by doing” and it is a multisensorial interactive training course. 
The software guides the student step by step introducing the basic elements of Braille  music notation – both the signs and syntax.
If you carefully follow our instructions and practise what you have learnt, you will find out that after all Braille is not that awkward. Besides, or perhaps above all, you will discover how useful it can be for your music studies.
All you have to do now is just to get familiar with some simple commands, in order to be able to use the programme effectively. 

To download Braille Music Learning and jaws scripts in a zip file click on the following link:

After download, unzip the files in a temporary directory, then execute BrailleMusicLearningSetup.exe and follow setup instructions.

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