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Video lessons

The Braille system

The first video lesson presents the writing invented by Luis Braille that has revolutionized communication and the quality of access to information for all the blind in the world. Braille is based on 63 signs plus the space that have been adapted by Luis Braille himself to be functional with all major languages. Therefore various video lessons on Braille syntax, here published, are specific to represent the literal signs and the rules of English, French, Polish and Italian language.

Communication and blind people

The second video lesson concerns the construction of the process of communication and the exchange of information, not entering into the details of certain general principles of communication as this is not the aim of this job, but by addressing it only in a psychological sense the exchange of stimuli and responses between two or more parties, one of which is blind. Therefore, we propose a reflection on the specific rules of communication that can capture the main features of this particular situation.

Hearing and its role in communication as compared with other senses

The video lessons addresses the theme of education of young blind people musical ear, with particular reference to hearing as interchanged sense to communication teaching and musical studies. We'll talk about perception and classification of various sounds, focusing on the main similarities and differences between the auditive perception and the perception based on data coming from other sensory canals (sight, smell, touch).

The music and musical education for blind students. Why study music...

In this video lesson we introduce the topic of the importance of the study of music for young blind. The answer is full of motivations, and we can, as an example, remember that music is an opportunity to develop the imagination, enrich relationships, get free the spirit, acquire psychomotor skills and there are many other reasons, but in addition to all this, for the blind there is another reason, because music is the only art completely accessible.

Writing Braille music

This video lesson concerns the theme of writing music in Braille, because it is important to write the music and to know what problems involves writing music than writing traditional.

The computer aids for music

The video lesson concerns the theme of computer aids that can help you to read faster and write the text Braille music. If the musical text is in an electronic format, there are many advantages and generally today, thanks to information technology, blind students are able to work better in any field of study than in the past.

BME2: How can a blind person access and make music without an external help

A complete video tutorial has been designed to present the BME2 music publishing program. The tutorial shows how to install BME2 and how to write the first musical notes in Braille, how to listen to the work realized, how to add a voice and how to save and export the work that will be used by other users in the traditional music format.

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