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Music theory

From here you can access our online Elements of music theory, in all its parts.
Its authors wrote this book in order to put together all basic concepts of music theory, using the simplest language, in order to be as clear and as comprehensive as possible.

This book is devoted to music students, no matter which instrument they are going to learn.
From a didactical point of view, this book can be used both by blind and by normally sighted persons. In fact, all relevant examples in this book have a Braille version.

In order to be able to use our Braille material, you need to install BMR (Braille Music Reader).
BMR is free and can be downloaded from our website, under “tools”.

After each music example, that is after an image containing the example, you will find a link to the Braille version.
This link will bring you to the print version of the Braille example, then you can download or read directly online.
Some of our examples are based on audio files, that is MP3 or Wav.


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