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BMR (Braille music reader)

BMR (Braille Music Reader is a  tool that allows visually impaired users to read, learn and listen to written music in a multimodal environment. This programme is capable of handling Braille music scores.

Braille Music Reader can open BMML files. BMML stands for "Braille Music Markup Language" that is a standardized extension of the widely used Music XML format. BMML files contain Braille music scores with added extra features that can easily be exploited by using this programme (for instance, hiding temporarily certain elements).

Braille Music Reader may therefore prove handy when familiarizing with a new music score or learning a new piece. You can listen to the piece or any of its parts via MIDI, plus, you are offered a set of easy-to-use tools allowing you to explore the piece more in detail. You can choose the degree of detail any time you wish. Empowered with sophisticated searching and iteration functions, Braille Music Reader makes music reading fast and efficient for the blind.

You can download BMR free of charge and benefit from it making your work with Braille score much more effective.

However, before you install and launch the programme, we encourage you to get familiar with the BMR manual which will help you with the installation and practising all the most important functions.

To download Braille Music Reader manual click on the follow link:

To download Braille Music Reader and jaws scripts in a zip file click on the following link:

After download, unzip the files in a temporary directory, then execute BrailleMusicReaderSetup.exe and follow setup instructions.

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