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Here you can find the documents of the project.


Name Description Download
D 1.1 Periodic report PDF icon d1.1_periodic_report.pdf
D 2.1 State of the art PDF icon d2-1state_of_the_art-mus4vip.pdf
D 2.2 Requirement analysis PDF icon d2_2requirement_analysis.pdf
D 2.3 User group PDF icon d2_3user_group.pdf
D 4.2 Pilot course activities PDF icon d4.2_pilot_course_activities.pdf
D 5.1 Evaluation plan PDF icon d5_1-evaluation_plan-mus4vip.pdf
D 5.2 Evaluation activities PDF icon d5_2evaluation.pdf
D 6.1 Dissemination plan and activities PDF icon d6_1disseminationplan_and_activities.pdf
Wp1 Music4VIP public report PDF icon mus4vip_public_report.pdf


Name Description Download
Progress report Prtogress report: public part - 2012 PDF icon progress_report_public_part_2012.pdf

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